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The Good. The Random. The Fun. 


Blue Monday 


OBWbutton2 week 86- Signs of Spring and Thematic Photographic 324 – Edible



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  1. Okay your book captured my attention, even if I came here to eat, for Carmi’s theme. Now I also have to check out if I need to read it. If the word imagination is in, it’s grabbed me!

  2. Great random shares! I was looking at the book! I love reading and may have to find that one. I missed linking with Sally at Blue Monday so I put up some blues today. Hope you stop by. Always a pleasure to visit and say hello. enjoy your week.

  3. Those radishes are absolutely divine. I almost feel as if I can touch them through my laptop. You’re amazing at telling stories through your photos, and I appreciate your sharing this as part of this week’s Thematic theme!

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