• I drove 15 miles only to find out that my favorite antique shop was no longer there.
  • Old sign still there, so cleaned (formerly junk-filled) porch didn’t give me a clue.
  • In empty room inside two men engaged in a lively discussion paused and said it’s now something else; they didn’t say what it was, and in my confusion I didn’t ask
  • These kinds of situation affect my mood, so be aware I’m a little cranky today
  • Maybe vanilla marshmallow coffee will help

IMG_9270 IMG_9272


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11 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, what a sad moment! Lukily, you found a really good way to get over it. I never heard from a marshmallow vanilla coffee before, but it surely seems great! So, a new experience is on the way….


  2. Oh I totally understand you! We had a Japanese store at the mall, filled with all kinds of pretty things and now it’s gone and I don’t know if it’s gone forever or just moved on another location, and, like you, I forgot to ask. lol

  3. Back when we were kids, my mom loaded us all up in the car to go visit “Lilipons Water Gardens”.

    It took a couple hours to get there. Unfortunately, it was also closed for the winter.

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