5 (out of many) things I have learned from my mother:

1. how to knit

2. how to wring a dishcloth

3. it doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as it makes me happy

4. sitting too close to the TV is harmful to my eyes

5. don’t stick my arm out the car window


Random-5-friday , Friday Photo Journal, Give Me Your Best Shot

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12 thoughts on “

  1. Interesting to read what you have learnt from your mother and perfectly documented with your nice photos.:-)

    I like the one with the leaves so much. :-)

    Lots of greetings and have a nice weekend

  2. I can’t knit…sometimes wish I could. Others I feel like it would just be more stuff to keep up with. All my quilting stuff is enough. I think I was born with a dishrag in my hand!

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