I am joining Kathy from You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out for Song-Ography – combine song and picture together.


This week’s prompt is: “Pink” by Aeorosmith

There is a slight problem, I SERIOUSLY HATE PINK! it’s a wretched color!


Thus it comes:

‘Cause pink is the love you discover


Yeah pink, it’s like red but not quite
And I think everything is going to be alright
No matter what we do tonight



13 thoughts on “Song-ography

  1. This is so funny – seems like pink is a love it or leave it color – and the crowd’s split. I’m more of a leave it gal when it comes to pink…and my favorite line from the song was also ‘pink it’s like red but not quite!’

  2. Oh my goodness…I do believe I started a Pink war when I selected this song! Haha. I wonder what it is about this color that causes such strong feelings?!? Regardless, if nothing else…it resulted in you taking some lovely photos. The last one in particular, I love how the focus is sharp in the distance and blurred in the foreground. Thanks or joining in on Song-ography….regardless of the color :)

  3. Poor “pink” it’s getting a bad rap from people. I can take or leave it. As a girl I had a pink bedroom and right now my craft room walls are pink but it’s not a color that I love or hate. – I do like you shots, The crayons were great and that controller is rather cool.

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