Letter for Alphabe-Thursday is


R is for Railroad tracks


IMG_719113 IMG_1159 IMG_7724

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13 thoughts on “Letter for Alphabe-Thursday is

  1. Great railroad images. One of my more recent fun things since moving here to Kentucky…was a lunch in La Grange where the railroad tracks run directly on Main Street! It was quite amazing to see the train rush by as we ate in the small town cafe…

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Making my way through all the great “R” posts this week :o)

  2. What a great take on the letter R. Railway tracks remind me of when our carriage was derailed on a wedding party trip on a ‘recently in service’ steam train. Heavy rain had affected the tracks – I’ll never forget the screeches and shudders as our carriage skipped off the track -no injuries – could have been worse -but a wedding I’m sure will live on in family history for the bride and groom.

  3. Remarkable photographs… Railroad tracks remain up there on my list of favorite things…

    They remind me of a rugged adventure through a rustic old-west town!

    Thanks for linking to the letter “R”!


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