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Five books that I love:


I want to show you five inspiring reads that mean a lot to me:

1. “A Farewell to Arms” – Ernest Hemingway. It is a very fatalistic book, a love story, a grand tale of adventure, pain, and war.

2. “Oblomov” – Ivan Goncharov. I love the fact that a protagonist spends the first 186 pages of this novel in bed, daydreaming half the day and doing nothing the other half. Oblomov stole over me when I had been pondering some of my own weaknesses in the wake of failed love.

3. “The Journals of Sylvia Plath”. I can open it up and every time find a passage that soothes my tensions.

4. “The Master and Margarita“- Mikhail Bulgakov. Among my most precious books, and it has been since high school.

5. “The Poisonwood Bible” – Barbara Kingsolver. I’m a big Kingsolver fan, she made me laugh and cry through her stories. When I closed this book I felt filled with the experience and empty that there would be no more.


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