Weekend Flowers, I Heart Macro

My late August flower garden

IMG_713713 IMG_714113 IMG_714813 IMG_714913 IMG_716013 IMG_718113

Late August   by  Ency Bearis

“Heat still sizzles in the fields

In August summer still yields

The sun shines to no regret

Wind sauntering ’til sunset

‘though heat is being cool off by the rain

Preserving flowers, and meadow – green

But summer still taking what it brings

The August incense with fugacious wings

Bounty blooms, butterflies, bees are insane

Birds, crickets sing and the night listens

Summer’s sky, bright burst so clear

It’s the late August in summer’s fair

Summer in August still in standby

Sooner balmy weather is coming by

The hot temper will bicker with cool air

With soothing breeze here comes September”

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