Book Beginnings and The Friday 56

Today I share Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader


and The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

Friday 56

My book beginning this week is from “One step Behind” by Henning Mankell.

Here is the beginning:

“The rain stopped shortly after 5 p.m. The man crouching beside the thick tree trunk carefully removed his coat. The rain hadn’t lasted for more than half an hour, and it hadn’t been heavy, but damp had nonetheless seeped through his clothing. He felt a sudden flash of anger. He didn’t want to catch a cold. Not now, not in the middle of summer.”

Here is a review from The Guardian:

“The narrative device of  One Step Behind is announced by the title. This is one of those crime novels in which a shady character, identified merely as “he”, commits acts – here, killing three young people and a detective in apparently unrelated incidents – which the book’s resident policeman then catches up with in the next chapter. The exemplar here is Thomas Harris’s  The Silence Of The Lambs and, as in that book, Mankell escalates tension through scenes in which the cop doesn’t know what’s awaiting him but the reader does. You find yourself yelling inside your head: “Don’t go home!”.”

Friday 56:

“”There’s no bitch by that name around here”, the man grunted and slammed down the phone. Wallander could almost feel the impact. He had dialled the wrong number. He tried again slowly and Höglund picked up after the second ring, as quickly as Holgersson had.”


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