Weekend Flowers

A Visit to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

The garden itself is not extensive but the grounds are large and there are such beautiful fountains and garden art throughout. The orchid conservatory is pretty awesome too. We enjoyed being there away from any city sounds.

IMG_3837 IMG_3839 IMG_3841IMG_5143 IMG_5140 IMG_5121

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Wild Orchid  – Helen M. Fleet
“The flower that walks”, the Indian said,
And walking spreads its crown-like roots
Through forest glades and upland dales.
Moccasin flower or Lady’s Slipper,
It matters not the name
Or if it be fair white or rose or tiny yellow kind
Tis ever rare and wondrous there
This woodland beauty Bequeathed us from another age.
A Heritage to guard with care
And cherish for posterity
That other eyes in future years
Mav see this Orchid walk the trails
As did our native Indian braves
And shy eyed maidens of the tribe.”


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